Caterers to the Riverina

Lamotte’s Catering Service has developed over thirty years into the Riverina’s leading catering service. We have won multiple awards for our excellent food and service.

Phone: 02-69255099
Prices shown are for functions of approx. 100 people.
Less numbers will increase the price per menu item.

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Prices from $20 per person. Your choice from the following roasts, Lamb, Pork, Beef & Turkey. Roasted chicken available but not as carvery, served on a platter. Baked vegetables and or salads of your choice.


Please choose the number of dishes required, or alternative service choose two or one for the same item service.

Chicken & Mushroom crepe $9.50  Creamy mornay sauce with chicken and fresh mushrooms.

Marinated Riverina Lamb Shaslik  $12.00 Grilled & served on a bed of saffron rice finished with a grain mustard sauce.

Smoked Salmon Salad  $14.00 With our special balsamic dressing.

Malaysian Spring Rolls $9.50 Dorrice's specialty, served with with sweet chili sauce.

Oysters Natural Half dozen $16.00 Served with our special sauce. 

King Prawn Cocktail $10.50  Served on a lettuce bed served with spicy thousand island dressing.

Malaysian Chicken Satay $9.50 Served with traditional peanut satay sauce.

Smoked Chicken Cesar Salad $10.50 With bacon, croutons, parmesan cheese, anchovies & lettuce.

King Prawns with Avocado $14.00 Avocado, tomato & fresh basil with king prawns

Seafood Crepe $10.00 Creamy mornay sauce combines with seafood combination & wrapped in wafer thin crepe.

Chicken Tandoori Filo Triangles $9.50 Baked to a golden brown & served with minted  yogurt dressing.

Chicken Tandoori Kebabs  $ 12.50  With mildly spicy yogurt, served on a bed of saffron rice.

Semi Baked Tomato Soup   $7.00 Served with garlic croutons & dollop of sour cream.

Minestrone Soup    $7.00 Traditional Italian vegetable and pasta soup, topped w ith shaved parmesan cheese.

Cream of Pumpkin Soup    $7.00 Served with a swirl of double cream.


Please choose the number of dishes required, for alternate service choose two or one for same item service.

Roasted Grain fed Sirloin of Beef $21.00 Slowly roasted with garlic butter & napped with  Shiraz & butter sauce

Baked Four Bone Rack of Lamb $25.00 Served on a bed of potato mash with honey glaze

Plump Chicken Breast Fillet $21.00 Baked & finished with a fresh basil & tomato salsa

Boned & Rolled Seasoned Leg of lamb   $21.00 Served with mint & rosemary juz

Lamb Backstrap $25.00 Patted with milled black pepper & herbs, baked & served with garlic & rosemary sauce

Chicken & Avocado Breast Fillet $23.00 Pocketed with smoked cheese, avocado & wrapped with prosciutto, finished with peppered brandy sauce

Prawn and Chicken breast Fillet $25.00 Inlaid with King Prawn meat & herbed pesto, presented with Italiano tomato sauce

Tender Roasted Rolled Leg of Pork $23.00 With fruit seasoning & napped with pan juices    

Pork Fillet & Lychees $26.00 Pocketed with Lychees, finished with Grand mariner sauce

Veal Cutlet  $32.00 Cutlet of bobby veal, still on bone, seared then baked to medium, finished with creamy mushroom sauce

Grilled fillet of Sea Perch $28.50 Patted with Cajun spices & served with herbed lemon butter

Medallion of Pork   $23.00 Seared & baked, served with a tangy apricot sauce

Grilled Sirloin of Pork   $25.00 With Mandarin & brandy sauce

Surf and Turf   $32 Medallions of eye fillet served topped with King Prawns  served on a red wine reduction sauce

Fillet of Beef with Baby Spinach   $26.00 Pan seared eye fillet topped with wilted baby spinach & drizzled with  Shiraz juz

Atlantic Salmon $30.00 Baked & topped with Mussels, drizzled with lemon & ouzo sauce


Please choose the number of dishes required.For alternate service choose two or one for same item service.

Chocolate Basket   $8.00 Filled with vanilla ice-cream & topped with fresh fruit  salad & dollop of double cream

Individual Strawberry tarts  $8.00 Filled with vanilla custard & topped with fresh strawberries, presented with berry coulis

Individual Lemon Tarts   $8.00 Served with sauce Anglaise & dollop of double cream

Crème Caramel  $8.00 Served with dollop of double cream

Large Fruit Pieces $8.50 Tossed with Midori, served with dollop of double cream

Fresh Strawberries   $9.00 Soaked with Cointreau & crowned with vanilla ice-cream

Crepe Suzette  $7.50  French style crepes presented with Grand Marnier sauce

Individual Sticky Date Pudding $8.50 Served with Butterscotch sauce and double cream

Double Chocolate Mousse $8.50 White & dark chocolate mousse with Tia Maria & chocolate

Profiteroles   $8.00 Filled with sweet custard & napped with chocolate

Individual Lemon Meringue Tarts    $9.00 Lemon curd tarts topped with meringue, served on a puddle of sauce Anglaise .


Instant Coffee and Tea Bags $1.00 Self serve from coffee table

Percolated Coffee & Premium Tea Bags (Served)   $3.00 Served to your guests by wait staff with individual chocolates      

Percolated Coffee & Premium Tea Bags   $2.00  Self served from coffee table


Please choose the required Finger-food items for your function, e.g. with pre-dinner drinks. Choose 3 or 4 items, for full cocktail party up to 10 different items

Price varies depending on number of people and the quantity required

Croutons with various toppings

French sticks topped with various topping.

Mini Spring Rolls

Meat balls with plum dipping sauce 
Tempura Prawns

Finger-ribbon sandwiches

Chicken Tandoori Triangles

Vegetable Samosa

Spicy Chicken Wings

Lamb Cutlets, Garlic Honey Marinated

King Prawns wrapped with Prosciutto

Bruschetta of Goats Cheese & Creamy Olive Tapenade
Blinis topped with sour cream, smoked salmon & caviar

Mini Quiche

Savoury Vol-au-vents

Meat & tomato tarts 
Devils on Horseback

Spinach Triangles

Prawn Toast

Asian Won-tons

Beef Waldorf Tarts

Cheesy Tomato & Basil Mussels Dolmades. (Stuffed vine leaves)

Steamed Prawn Dumplings with Oyster Sauce

Cucumber Cups with Thai Beef Salad

Mese Plate of Assorted Dips


Singapore Noodles

Baguettes filled with various fillings 
Malaysian Beef Curry

Mini Fish & Chips

Mini roast beef rolls

Chicken Curry

Menu prices are valid until December 31, 2014


“Darryl and Dorrice are a delight to work with and I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality caterers. They offer a wonderful service and their staff are extremely professional. Nothing is too much trouble and their food is always amazing.”

Kind regards,


Hello Darryl & Dorris,

Just a quick word to say how much we appreciated your professional delivery of catering service. Maranda was terrific: cool, organised, focused and autonomous! Night went without a hitch! Additionally the food was marvellous, terrific: beautiful taste, good range of food offerings for guests ( vegetarians, foodies, pescatorians carnivores etc, you would be aware of the range these days!). The fish curry, beef Malaysian curry and the ratatouille were just splendid; out of this world! We were thrilled  with the result. Many of the guests commented on the lovely entrees as well as the main course particularly  that fish curry( to die for: notice there was none left!)

We were really pleased with everything you did and soooo grateful: it made the night relaxed, easy for all to enjoy. Thanks again !

As you know I work in ACT during the week so knowing that you would be doing the menu and meal delivery  just made the occasion so more enjoyable and relaxing for me. Having had you do an event in the past( Sophie's engagement party in 2009) I could rest easy that nothing would go wrong on this occasion.  Please put this on your website: we were as pleased as punch the night was a delight and went off without a hitch!


Robin and Steven Wood xx

We were fortunate enough to have Darryl and Dorris cater for our wedding on a property outside Wagga. We arranged the wedding from overseas and we're impressed with the ease at which Lamotte's was able to co-ordinate with us from a far. The vast menu, flexibility and professionalism shown by Lamotte's was outstanding.

Numerous guests from our wedding are still commenting on the quality of the food and the level of service. We were impressed and found the menu delicious. The cocktail style menu Lamotte's provided had great variety, presentation and the taste was exceptional. Some of our favourites were the Lamb Cutlets, King Prawns, Cucumber Cups and the mini desserts!

We would highly recommend Lamotte's for any function that requires catering. They were a pleasure to work with and their product was excellent.


Nick & Leanne Brown, October 2011.